If Marketing is a City, then…

marketing cityS…television, radio, internet, print are the neighborhoods. And the streets, buildings and houses are specific products and parts of town. In other words, your website is a house on the “Internet” part of town. And the newspaper is a road on the “Print” side of town. And the press release is a street that runs right through the city.

Marketing strategy is like travel planning…

…you have to prepare for the T.R.I.P. Like you any journey you need to learn about the city or hire a guide to help you manuever the neighborhoods.

After all, the goal is to maximize your efforts and preparation is the only way to make the most of anything.

Have you taken those trips where you spend one day in a major city? And then you tell everybody that “I have been there”—where ever there is—and “It was amazing?” But the truth is you barely touched it.

Marketing is no different from that city. You can sprint through your marketing or you can dig deep.

If you’re in business, then Marketing is a place that you have to get intimate with. In fact, for the sake of your company, this city needs to become your second home.

Alright, let’s pack (and I make no apologies for my hot pink Diane von Ferstenberg luggage)!

The goal with any trip is to pack “tight…

… and light.” Marketing is no different. You want to look fabulous without over-packing.

Here’s a short list of what goes into your marketing bag:

  • your story—something that excites the media,
  • your call to action—give the public a reason to connect with you and an easy way to do it, and
  • your winning personality—you are a part of the story and to make it interesting your personality has to shine through.

Your goal is to be seen and heard in as many “neighborhoods” as possible. To connect and build relationships because you have a message, product, service that helps people and you want to get it into the the right hands.

You are a problem solver with a message.

Think about it like this, anybody with Broadway desires knows that New York is the city. Well, if you want to succeed in business (long term), then Marketing is the city.

Let’s travel.

Marketing is about a relationship.

It’s about reaching people with a message that matters to them.  And to make the most of marketing and communication we have to have a relationship with our audience—potential and current clients—so that we can understand them and connect with their desires.

The marketing message about your product is as important as the product itself. Despite what anybody tells you no business will run by itself – there is always work on the front end. Well, no business will market itself either, there is always upfront effort.

I used to be a relunctant marketer because I didn’t want to feel like a pusher and a used car salesman. But the truth is we don’t have to sell our souls in order to sell our services, products or books. We do have to care and understand our audience, and then use effective communication to build a relationship.

The “wait and wish” strategy doesn’t work for business.

But the “market-and-create-it” strategy does.

The media is the main means of mass communication (one of the seven types of core communication) and it includes television, radio, internet and print. Regardless of the size of your marketing budget, there is a way to take advantage of all four areas.

TELEVISION is Still BIG! Huge! Major Important!

If you start local, then you can afford the cost of ads. Also pay attention to local television shows and take advantage of opportunities to show up and tell your story. These small beginnings can train you for larger outlets.

Television is still the most powerful marketing medium. Consistently showing up on that tube can turn you into a household name. But think about, if your shop is local, then becoming a household name in your city and the surrounding towns could be great for business. Look for repeat appearances and the cost effective ads—good on the budget AND gets the right message out to the right audience.

RADIO is Not Dead!

It plays a role and as long as it’s around, I feel like I need to be a part of it. DJ’s need something to talk about, why not your story, the problem that you solve and the unique way that you do it.  After all, people have to do something when they’re driving to and from work.

Find the names and contact information for your local radio stations and begin to listen to them in order to get a feel for what they talk about. By listening you will  naturally become a part of that community. And through a little brainstorming you just may discover ways to become a part of the conversation as well.

INTERNET is Not a Fad.

One of the most cost effective and labor intensive—at least in the beginning while you’re learning—ways to market yourself is internet marketing. It doesn’t cost you much money to play in this arena (if you exclude the cost of time), but you have to learn how to make your efforts effective.

Internet marketing includes your website, email list building and blogs, as well as social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, etc. But they are just the tip of the internet marketing Iceberg—just like this article—there is so much more to see and know.

PRINT Marketing is More Than Just a Business Card.

When I say print marketing, I mean getting into magazines, newspapers and other print media outlets. But I also mean your business cards and other paper items that you use to advance your story in the minds of your potential and current clients. Just remember, that creating a business card should not be the only effort that you take in maximizing your print media options.

Well-written press releases to local and regional newspapers is a cheaper way to start generating buzz about your business.

Just remember, there’s no quick fix…

…for your company, book or product marketing. Effective marketing takes effort. Ultimately, it’s about the mix and the team that you assemble to get the work done.

If you’re going to spend your time and money creating something that works and developing something that’s relevant, then good business also demands that you spend the time marketing it.

Marketing is a must. And if you do it right with a team and a strategy, then it’s a pleasure.


If you’d like more marketing tips for writers and small business OWNers, then check out my blog at GrittyWriter.com.

INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing is a City

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