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Jamillah (Ms.J) Warner - poet with a passion for business

Why Spoken Word and Hot Prayers NOW?

I married a man who jumped on me four days into the honeymoon. I didn’t stay for the next hit and that decision brought freedom and judgement. Left me dealing with shame and embarrassment. So I wrote everything I knew about love and everything I felt.

Then I made a decision to speak what I would become in poetry (happy, blessed, beautiful, powerful) instead of what I felt (lonely, embarrassed, broken, depressed). And I just kept speaking and crying those words until the ache stopped dominating my life. And the day came when I finally felt good again — and it stuck.

But what about the next person? Well, I met her.

At a women’s conference a recent widow and mother of two asked me to show her how to pray the way I prayed after my divorce. I showed her. And she said,

Can’t you just write it down? I’m not a poet like you. But if you write it down, I can read your poems and look at your prayers and find my words that way.”

Her pain was still raw. I understood something about it. Couldn’t ignore her. And her question stayed with me. My answer – is Hot Prayers & Poetry.

Poetry That Inspires Action

Through the written word, spoken word and video you’ll share in the message that has impacted live audiences for years.

She’s an…inspiring writer, extraordinary…Ms.J possesses…the passion to reach out and touch her audience.”Genneda Burns | HR Manager

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Professional Bio

Jamillah (Ms.J) Warner is an award winning spoken word artist and poet. Her dramatic works have been shared and performed all over the south east including the popular Atlanta Radio Station V-103, Uptown Comedy Club, numerous colleges, jails, weddings and churches.

It’s almost like she’s putting a melody together…Ms.J draws you in…makes you want to listen…very inspirational.” — Charli Sims

Currently, she’s working on her first book, Hot Prayers & Poetry: the spoken word, poetry and conversation we have to have to survive and thrive on this side of heaven.

Additionally, Ms.J is a freelance writer specializing in small business blogging and copywriting and a passionate teacher who trains Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and small businesses in the art of effective communication.

Jamillah inspires thousands to take charge of their dreams and to stop allowing the past to control tomorrow.

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